Robotics Summer Camp

Get ready for an exciting summer at Robokalam Summer Camp! Our Robotics Camp offers hands-on experience in electronics, advanced robotics, IoT, and virtual reality. Join us to enhance your child's learning, foster creativity and curiosity, and ignite their passion for technology!

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Learning Outcomes

Basic Electronics

Enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills, while igniting the passion for STEM and technology!

Robotics & Advanced Robotics

Gain hands-on experience in robotics concepts such as Programming robots, Mechanic designs, Expert Designing and Programming of Walking Robots.

IOT & Virtual Reality

Learn Python programming and Virtual Reality! Participants will explore the world of robotics, build advanced systems, and experience the immersive world of virtual reality.

Robotics Camp

Our Course

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Ages 6+
Advanced electronics which includes the circuits made of components like transistors photo resistor lower order integrated circuits.
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Ages 6+
Internet of things
This introduces the trending technology of connecting things through the internet where students build projects using node mcu hardware and blynk cloud
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Ages 6+
The basics of the components used to drive the manual robots and the end effectors using different types of switches and speed manipulations using potentiometer.